With all the years feasts packed into the last 2 months, it’s all but a wonder that my jeans seem to be a few sizes smaller. But the problem is my taste-buds won’t let me have anything which is conventionally healthy. So in my pursuit of a health-meets-taste dish I finally invented the Sunsotto- Sunaina’s version of the Risotto.

Now traditionally the Risotto is a type of Italian dish. Its rice cooked with cheese, wine, butter or Stocks. But my version involves using a healthy white sauce made of good old healthy milk (simmered to be made creamy), olive oil and wheat and using broken wheat (Dalia) instead of rice.

Ingredients (Serves 2)

Olive oil

Salt, Pepper, Sugar, Dried Herbs and Chili flakes (according to taste)

All the vegetables can be put in any proportion as one may like. Feel free to add any other veggie’s and remove any of the one’s I’ve used. Preferably try cutting them into cubes for that crunchy texture.

Baby Eggplants

Zucchini (Yellow and Green) cut in cubes or round slices

Bell Peppers


Sweet Corn

Broken Wheat (aka Dhalia) – a handful (approx.  ½ cups)

Whole Wheat Grounded – 3/4th tablespoon

Milk – 1 cup (250-300 ml)

Garlic- 3 cloves

Onion- 2 slivers (just for the sourness)

Basil- 4 to 5 leaves

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1.       The veggies:

In a pan heat about a table-spoon of olive oil, put in all the cut vegetables. Season it with salt and pepper and cover it with a lid. Keep it on a low flame until cooked properly. It can alternatively be grilled as well.

2.       For the Dalia (Broken Wheat):

In a pan put some olive oil and roast the Dalia until semi-dark. Add salt and remove.

3.       For the Sauce:

Put a tablespoon of Olive Oil in a pan and heat it a bit. Add a smaller portion of about 3/4th spoon wheat to this and move the pan away from flame. Mix to form a paste of sorts and add the milk, little by little while mashing the paste with a spoon to remove any lumps, the whole time. Put the pan back on the flame (low). Add crushed Garlic, onions (a sliver), salt, sugar, chili flakes and dried herbs.

  1. Add the roasted Dalia to the sauce and simmer until the Dalia is cooked and the sauce has thickened to a creamy consistency and is just enough to cover the Dalia without being seen. Add more milk if you find the dahlia is under cooked and simmer it with a closed lid some more.
  2. Add the crunchy Veggies and mix.
  3. Garnish with some fresh Basil or any other fresh herb of your choice.

The Sunsotto is ready to be served. This is a vegetarian version but feel free to add any meat or any other veggies of your choice. In fact, a chicken stock will add some great flavor. Also this is a healthier version. But the same can be cooked with rice instead of Dalia and the sauce can be made creamier by adding some fresh cream and cheese.


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